Gaddani, Tayum, Abra

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For MARJOHN GALICIA, former barangay official of Gaddani, Tayum, farming is just another way of public service, when he established the fisrt IFS farm in their place which caters to rice vegetables and livestock

Better than before

Farming became his option because of his father who can no longer tend to their farm because of his advance age and was about to end his stint as barangay captain. He became only a full-time farmer when he signed up for the IFS program and he never  looked back


He relates that two years after tending to the family’s parcel of land, he achieved an improved of almost 60% from its former state. In IFS, no time is lost because of the activities that he has to attend to in order to make his farm run smoothly and earn income, said Galicia.

Financially, Galicia said that he became more conscious of the expenses he incurs in running the farm and was able to devise ways to make the most every material purchased for its improvement. He emphasized that he has to be faithful in his remittances to ADTEMPCO not only to pay up his loans but also for the use of the other members who would also want to avail of such from the cooperative.

Galicia appreciates being able to attend trainings for new technologies in farming because he wants to make his farm grow and expand. Aside from running the business of farming, many people come to ask for guidance on how to start up such a venture which he wanted also to share to his townmates.

He advised aspiring farmers to be patient especially since most of the time the work is done under the sun. It also requires constant monitoring and budgeting so that expansion and growth will be assured. 

Compared to the traditional way of farming, Galicia said that in IFS, farming became a business in which the farmer has to take into account everything such as regulating the expenses, monitoring the efficient use of resources and auditing the cash flow in order to achieve noticeable gains.

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