Mortuary Aid Program

The Mortuary Aid Program aims to further enhance the spirit of cooperativism among the members through the provision of some financial assistance to all the members during the period of grief within the family.

All members are required to enrol in this program of the cooperative.

 Two (2) different forms are designed to be filled up upon membership: Form 1 is for the 2 principal beneficiaries who will receive the benefit in case of death of the member. Form 2 is for the extended beneficiaries or those individuals who are non-members which the members would like to help in case of death. Extended beneficiaries may be family members or other relatives.

Principal Beneficiaries

The amount to be received by the beneficiaries shall be based on the member’s 100% payment of share capital during the term of membership in the Cooperative. In order to claim the full amount, the member must have a maintaining balance of One Thousand Pesos (Php1, 000.00) in his/her Savings Account.

Delinquent loans shall be deducted from the benefit and the remaining amount will be given to the principal beneficiaries.

The following shall be submitted by the principal beneficiaries in the processing of claims:

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Burial Permit
  3. Valid Identification of the principal beneficiaries

The mortuary benefit shall be deducted from the savings of the members of the cooperative.

Extended Beneficiaries

A member shall have five (5) extended beneficiaries listed in Form 2. No addition or replacement of extended beneficiaries shall be allowed after submission and approval of the form. Replacement after the death of any of the five is not allowed.

A newly-enrolled member must have completed at least (30) days of continuous contribution to the program to qualify for the Extended Mortuary Aid Benefit.

The benefit shall be based on the member’s payment of share capital during the term of membership in ADTEMPCO. If found delinquent, the benefit shall be proportionate to the amount of the share capital paid as against the projected share capital. The member should also have a One Thousand Pesos (Php1, 000.00) maintaining balance in savings account.

If two or more members listed the same extended beneficiaries, claims shall only be made once and the first to submit the requirements shall have the right to claim the benefit.

The requirements to be submitted include the Death Certificate and Burial Permit. It must be claimed within (thirty (30) days from the date of death. Otherwise ADTEMPCO reserves the right to forfeit the said benefit.

Gender Equality Advocacy

Gender Equality Resource Service – advocating gender sensitivity and awareness of men and women’s rights and capabilities as members of the cooperative and as individuals. It provides trainings and seminars on leadership and other GE related activities.


  • Tree Planting and re-greening programs
  • Use of Ecobag at Coopmart
  • Clean-up Drives
  •  Outreach programs – school children, persons deprived of liberty
  • Feeding programs


The ADTEMPCO Microfinance Program was conceptualized to combat poverty by providing allied financial and non-financial services to the marginalized sectors of the community. It adopts the concept of an enabling, empowering, and bottoms-up tool to address poverty alleviation efforts that has provided considerable economics and non-economic benefits to low income households in the province as well as in the region. This is to operationalize the noble mission and vision of ADTEMPCO to cater to the needs of the poor. Thus, there was a policy redirection on membership to allow associate members to have access to our Microfinance Program. It was started in February 2010 piloting in some barangays of Bangued and Tayum. ADTEMCO aimed to provide the members a capital through minimal interest loans to help them start a business or additional capital for those who have an existing business but lacks the capacity to enlarge it.

Environmental Protection Advocacy


In line with its commitment of protecting the environment, ADTEMPCO regularly joins the National Cleanup Week initiated by the government. In partnership with the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the local government unit of Bangued, the Adopt and Estero program became a regular activity. A creek in Zone 4, Bangued, Abra where the head office is located is the subject of the cleanup drive to remove the accumulated debris. This is to ensure that the waterways and its surrounding areas are clean and will not be prone to clogging and possible flooding.

Youth Development Program