Savings and Investments

The following services below are tax-exempt interest (TAX FREE)

Share Capital

An initial capital subscription of 50 shares at P 100.00 per share or P 5,000.00 per member, of which 25% or P 1,250.00 is the minimum paid-up capital upon membership. Earns annual interest or dividend.

Regular Savings

A P 1,000.00 initial deposit and P 500.00 maintaining amount to earn interest. This savings account serves as fund for Mortuary Aid contribution. Earns interest with no contractual maturity and can be withdrawn anytime 

Aflatoun Youth Savings

A School-based Savings Program designed to provide access to a child-friendly savings account and advocates financial and social values among young learners in both public and private schools. The Coop’s way in mainstreaming financial literacy to the youth sector.

Special Savings

A savings product that will allow members to open a savings account for specific long-term purpose. Earns high interest within an agreed locked-in term.

Time Deposit

Interest on deposits varies on the amount invested; the longer the term and the bigger the amount, the higher the interest rate.


ADTEMPCO- Savings Account
ADTEMPCO - Share Capital
ADTEMPCO - Youth Savings Club