MCATCI opens first diploma course on agricultural technology, readies for tourism

By RMACollo

MCATCI opens first diploma course on agricultural technology, readies for tourism

It started with a few qualifications on agriculture and dressmaking but is now ready for diploma courses.

Thus, the development of Mt. Carmel Agri-tourism and Training Center, Incorporated (MCATCI) into a prime training institution in Abra continues.

In its recent list of offerings for the year, MCATCI now accepts enrollees for its first diploma course on agricultural technology.

According to Engr. Irene B. Bringas, TVET President of MCATCI, there will no longer be single bundled qualifications by 2021. Hence, TESDA recommended diploma courses to include all qualifications previously offered by MCATCI.

What’s more, the diploma course is free, with allowance and tuition fee provided for qualified students. She said that with the inclusion of diploma courses, the course offering will be more hands-on by capable trainers.

Engr. Bringas said that these trainings are very beneficial not only to the trainees from the community but also to the employees of ADTEMPCO who are encouraged to enroll since they can upgrade their skills while helping share their knowledge to the clients of the cooperative.

The TVET president shares her vision of a full-pledged training school when it will include other qualifications on civil works and construction that will further enhance the trainees’ capability for livelihood and employment.

MCATCI opens first diploma course on agricultural technology, readies for tourism

MCATCI readiness for training upgrades

We are ready,” says MCATCI administrator Jonathan dela Fuente, in the inclusion of more qualifications for the training center. He said that more than ever, MCATCI has improved its facilities, improved the enrolment and filing system, and the continuous training and skills upgrading of trainers. 

“For the general education subjects, we will be hiring part-timers since the diploma course is patterned in the Deped curriculum and the trainees can continue to college with the subjects taken given full credit,” said dela Fuente. ADTEMPCO foresees MCATCI becoming an educational institution which will offer courses on agriculture, tourism, construction and landscaping.””


Training impact

Meanwhile, the tracking of the center’s trainees as to the impact of their skills training on employment and livelihood is one of the tasks given to MCATCI from TESDA. The training center reported that 75% of the former trainers have practiced what they have learned. Some became actual farmers and others became entrepreneurs, according to dela Fuente.

On tourism

On tourism, dela Fuente said that MCATCI is beefing up its production through innovations geared towards organic and sustainable agriculture. Within 2019, improvements were put in place at Mt. Carmel for better tourist amenities. This is to ensure that when the tourism industry kicks off to full gear in the province, MCATCI will be ready.

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  1. Hoping that more qualifications under agriculture and construction will be registered soon paving the way to a more sustainable and value added performance on the part of the TVI…more registered qualifications, more beneficiaries better life for every Abrenos!!!

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