Loan Products

ADTEMPCO delivers effective and sustainable financial services to its members with the end view of developing the socio-economic condition of the community at large.

Agricultural Loan

A loan program that supports the farmers value chain through the provision of financial assistance and technical training from agricultural inputs to production, processing and trading.

  1. Agricultural Loan – General Purpose
  2. Agri Loan – Inputs / Livestock production (Dispersal Program)
  3. Integrated Farming System (IFS) Loan
  4. Microfinance Loan – Agriculture
  5. Agri Production (Contract Growing)
  • Yellow Corn
  • Cassava
  • Coffee

Productive Loan

To provide credit assistance to Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs and business entities in the trade and industry sector

1. Business Loan

  • Working Capital 
  • Fixed Asset Acquisition

2. Microfinance Loan – Enterprise

  • To finance small livelihood or micro business activities

Providential Loan

The Providential loan aims to provide immediate financial assistance to our members with any of the following needs:

  1. Educational
  2. Emergency
  3. Grocery
  4. Medical / Hospitalization
  5. OFW Employment 
  6. Personal Consumption / Multi-purpose Loan
  7. Purchase (Car, Appliance, Cellphone, Gadgets)
  8. Back-to-back Loan
  9. ATM Loan
  10. Salary Loan / Pension Loan

Real Estate Loan

  1. Purchase of Lot / Residential Unit
  2. House Construction / Home Improvement
  3. Purchase of Lot with House Construction