Historical Timeline

December 22, 1985

74 individuals came together for one purpose – to create a cooperative for the Church workers’ welfare. Abra Diocesan Teachers and Employees Credit Cooperative (ADTECCO) was established.


ADTECCO started its operation with a seed capital of Php 152, 361.59. The cooperative’s main operation focused on recruitment of members and pooling of resources for the needs of its members.

ADTEMPCO Year 1992

ADTECCO became a multi-purpose cooperative (ADTEMPCO) to cater to the growing needs of its members.  As a multi-purpose coop, it offered consumers’ services such as the consumer store aside from its credit and savings services.


Engr. Irene B. Bringas took over the helm of ADTEMPCO as general manager. She introduced the orientation that a cooperative is a business undertaking and not for welfare or charity. This paved the way for the changes in the operations, from the number of personnel to take in the growing workload, the trainings and seminars attended to enhance service efficiency and the digitization of processes for faster transactions.


In a decision of the General Assembly, it liberalized ADTEMPCO from its purely Church-based membership to include any resident of Abra with visible means of income. However, membership applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.

ADTEMPCO Year 2001

ADTEMPCO finally built its first ever home, a four-storey building that housed its expanding business operations.

ATEMPCO Year 2007

Opening of the first ADTEMPCO Coopmart in Bangued.


The ADTEMPCO Laundry Shop started its operation.


The Micro-finance Program went into full operation with the initial release of funds for its members who belong to the marginalized sectors of the community.

ADTEMPCO July 16, 2013

ADTEMPCO celebrated its 25th (Silver) Anniversary

ADTEMPCO July 16, 2011

Blessing and formal opening of the ADTEMPCO Lagangilang Credit Branch

ADTEMPCO August 13, 2011

Blessing and opening of the ADTEMPCO Meat Shop as an outlet for members poultry and hog products in which other members can readily avail.

February 16, 2012

Opening of the ADTEMPCO Manabo Credit Branch

ATEMPCO Year 2012

Establishment of the Business Development Services (BDS) with the goal of enhancing the skills of the microfinance members through a wide range of activities that would help them become full-pledged entrepreneurs, advancing from the traditional way of doing business.

ADTEMPCO November 26, 2012

Opening of ADTEMPCO Manaoag Branch in Manaoag, Pangasinan. This is the first branch opened outside the province of Abra.

ADTEMPCO March 6, 2013

Opening of ADTEMPCO Urdaneta Credit Branch in Pangasinan.

ADTEMPCO July 16, 2013

Inauguration of the ADTEMPCO Head Office

ADTEMPCO September 26, 2013

Opening of the ADTEMPCO Petron Micro-filling Station, the very first gasoline station in Lagangilang Abra.


Opening of ADTEMPCO San Carlos Credit Branch in San Carlos City, Pangasinan.

ADTEMPCO February 2, 2015

Opening of ADTEMPCO Sallapadan Credit Branch

ADTEMPCO March 26, 2015

Opening of ADTEMPCO Baguio Credit Branch.


Blessing and opening of ADTEMPCO San Fernando Credit Branch in the province of La Union.

ADTEMPCO September 20, 2016

Opening of ADTEMPCO Villaviciosa Credit Branch.


ADTEMPCO became a billionaire cooperative.

ADTEMPCO June 15, 2017

The former Galicia Farm in Pidigan became Mt. Carmel Agri-tourism and Training Center Inc. under the stewardship of ADTEMPCO. MCATCI is a training school supported by TESDA that offers skills training on various competencies on agriculture, construction, hospitality and garment industry.

ADTEMPCO September 8, 2017

Opening of the Coopmart Penarrubia Branch and Dr. Pi Water Refilling Station.

September 8, 2019

Opening of ADTEMPCO Penarrubia Credit Branch

ADTEMPCO March 13, 2020

Opening of Cabanatuan Credit Branch in Nueva Ecija