ADTEMPCO Petron Gas Station responds to gas price hike with Loyalty Cards

Figure 1 Loyalty Card Holders. ADTEMPCO members enjoy promos which give more value to their money while supporting the cooperative by availing its products and services.

In its effort to promote membership and increase sales, ADTEMPCO Petron launched its Loyalty Card for customers who purchase from the gas station and from Coopmart Lagangilang.

Branch supervisor Ms. Ruthle Stephanie B. Paet said they have thought of this promotional activity when fuel prices frequently increased almost every week.

To give more value to their money and to appreciate their loyalty to ADTEMPCO by purchasing gas and groceries from the Coop, this is one way of supporting the members recovering from the two-year pandemic, said Paet.

Ms. Paet said the Loyalty Card was launched last February 15, 2022 in Lagangilang where the gas station is located for all members. To avail of the Loyalty Card, a member must have purchased groceries  worth

Figure 2 Ms. Ruthle Stephanie B. Paet, Supervisor of ADTEMPCO Coopmart and Petron Gas Station in Lagangilang.

Figure 2 Ms. Ruthle Stephanie B. Paet, Supervisor of ADTEMPCO Coopmart and Petron Gas Station in Lagangilang.

 1, 000 pesos to get a free card. They can also buy the card at the Petron station for P15 pesos. To be able to get one free liter of fuel, the member must have gassed up for the value of Php150 three times and P180, also three times. Each purchase will be verified and signed by the cashier. Six cashier’s signature will entitle the customer member with a free litre of fuel. This is in addition to the patronage refund and loyalty points a member accumulates as he or she continues to avail of the products and services of the coop.

Figure 3 The ADTEMPCO Loyalty Card.

She clarified that for Petron Gas customer members, they only get the patronage refund but in Coopmart purchases, they are also qualified for loyalty points.

Ms. Paet said their sales hiked up after the launching the Loyalty Card program. They initially distributed 100 cards to members and will continue to do so given the positive response from members and repeat customers, she added.

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