ADTEMPCO Manabo implements employee reward system to cushion COVID impact


ADTEMPCO Manabo implements employee reward system to cushion COVID impact

The best employees for the month of October at ADTEMPCO Manabo.

Due to the lockdowns imposed because of the COVID pandemic, business became slow for most financial institutions including the ADTEMPCO credit operations. Collection is slow, savings and membership less and overall performance almost came to a standstill.

In order to meet up the targets of the Credit Branch in Manabo, the management decided to implement a strategy of motivating the employees to do their best in improving their performances. Hence, the employee reward and recognition system was enforced in July 2020.

According to the branch manager Jay Raymond Bosque, the strategy of motivating the employees through reward and recognition helped a lot in their aim of meeting up their targets.

BM Bosque explained that they set a score card to use in grading their employees based on the Key Result Areas (KRA) on membership, loan releases, principal, interest and penalty collections and miscellaneous income; attendance; accountability as to filing of reports and daily updating of the system, and; on attitude of the employee towards the members or clients, superiors and subordinates.

BM Bosque said he has applied the same reward system in his previous post in Villaviciosa Credit Branch. It is also practiced in ADTEMPCO Urdaneta Branch.

He said he highly recommends reward and recognition to other branches as a way to motivate the employees since it enhances their performance as an individual and as a team.

The branch manager also said that since then, he noticed the change in the performance of his team for the better. He is hopeful that although there are still a lot in their key result areas that are not met, he is confident that in the last two months of the year, they can still cope up.

“At ADTEMPCO Manabo, most of the 21 employees are new and the reward system is one way to encourage them to do their best as their performance will be a basis for their promotion and career development,” said BM Bosque.

According to Mr. Arnold Catriz, development officer of the said branch and also an awardee in August, the reward and recognition system gives them a good feeling as they know that they did their best in performing their duties and responsibilities.

“For those who did not make the cut, it will serve as a challenge for them to do better,” added Catriz.

Aside from the recognition, some employees were also given notice due to frequent absences or tardiness. However, this is not to embarrass them but a gentle reminder that they have to shape up not only to be recognized but because they are team players who should pull their own weight in order for the whole branch to move forward.

The awardees for the month of October include: Vinjohn Doquinal (Best Employee of the Month), Josephine Gassab (Best Regular Credit Employee), Vinjohn Doquinal (Best Microfinance Employee), Laarni Dumlao (Best Savings Employee), and Silvestre Banza (Early Bird).

Aside from certificates, the awardees are also given simple tokens of appreciation in recognition of their good performance for the month.

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