ADTEMPCO BDS starts process to get brand name on feed products

The Feed Mill Boys

Figure 1 The Feed Mill Boys

“A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”- Seth Godin

When ADTEMPCO started its feed mill production, its objective is only to provide for affordable but quality feeds for its piggery and poultry production operations. But when the feed products were tested and

made use by its farmers who participated in the various animal production initiatives of the Cooperative, the results came out way better than expected. In an informal research conducted to test its viability and effectiveness, ADTEMPCO BDS feeds proved to be at par with some leading commercial brands.

With this in mind, ADTEMPCO BDS has taken the first steps towards making its feed products be registered for commercial distribution.

On May 18, 2022, personnel from the Dept. of Agriculture Regional Field Office Licensing Division visited the BDS Feed Mill in Sitio Surcoc, Brgy. Dumayco, Penarrubia, Abra to take an initial inspection of the production plant, its setup and volume of production. The requirements were also collected to jumpstart the process of licensing and affixing the ADTEMPCO brand for its label.

Figure 2 Ms. Lacrinas Punio asks Feed Mill Supervisor Metodio Dumalen Jr. about their daily operations and output.

Figure 2 Ms. Lacrinas Punio asks Feed Mill Supervisor Metodio Dumalen Jr. about their daily operations and output.

Figure 3

­­ADTEMPCO BDS has already prepared the working brand name for its feed products as TIERRA feeds, derived from the acronym of the Coop which also means “earth.” It signifies the advocacy of ADTEMPCO in promoting products and services that responsibly utilizes and protects the environment or the earth as a whole.

The BDS Feed Mill sources out most of its raw materials from outside the province except for yellow corn which is now an agri-loan product by ADTEMPCO credit branches. Corn-producing farmers in Abra are growing in number the Coop get its fair share of the harvest through its contract growing program. 

When tested and approved, ADTEMPCO will be known as the first commercial feeds producer not only in the province but in the Cordillera.

Figure 4

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